Come Sanity, Come Clarity

Last Friday 14 July we were in Rotterdam for the opening reception of the second Sober Street Art Exhibition. Great to meet the other participating artists, Joram Roukes, Amok Island, Natalia Rak and Chris Versteeg. The variety of the work on display definitely makes the show stand out. 


For this show, DOES created two new canvasses – ‘Come Sanity’ and ‘Come Clarity’ – and he released a new print, which will be available via our webshop soon.


The exhibition at Sober Collective runs until 18th August.


Photos opening night by Roza Schous

Photo skyline Rotterdam by Stephan Polman

Come Sanity, Come Clarity

Sober Collective

Zaagmolendrift 18
3035 JA,  Rotterdam

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