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I often receive questions about the materials and techniques I use. Today I would like to give you tips and tricks about how I make drawings. This video shows you every step of the process.


- Permanent marker 0.4 mm Ironlak

- Markers Ironlak Strikers

- Ruler

- Eraser

- Pencil

- Artist drawing paper, 225 gram, acid free

- Size A3

Time elapsed:

18 hours and 42 minutes.

Drawing Adore 9


With a pencil I start sketching the basic lines. At this point I only have a rough idea about the design.

The initial concept evolves while drawing, it is a creative process. When I feel the sketch is complete, I start applying colors.

Drawing Adore 6

When composing the drawing I work from the right to the left because I’m lefthanded and don’t want to create stains. The way I work is that I apply full color arrangements in each square before I move on to the next. I always start with light tints and add layers of darker ones. Remember you can always go darker but never cover a dark color with a lighter one! This way of working instantly creates depth and perspective to the drawing.

Seeing the drawing come alive stimulates me to keep going. With a pencil or ballpoint I apply additional shades. If you do so, always add a layer of marker to make the pencil fuze naturally with the applied color.

Working on paper is not like working with spray paint or acrylic which allow you to make corrections by applying a new layer on top of an earlier one. On paper there is no way you can erase a mistake, so stay focused!


- Always use gloves so you don’t get unnecessary stains.

- Don’t try to erase pencil when you’ve just applied ballpoint or marker.

- I always number markers in the same color spectrum before I start drawing.
For example number 1 is the lightest color of blue and number 4 the darkest one. This way I can see at a glance which marker to use and I do not accidentally overlook a color in the range.

detail 6

Drawing Adore 10

Check full length video HERE

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