Collage N°09 ‘Hello Sunshine’

Title: ‘Hello Sunshine’
Year: 2020
Size: 33 x 44 cm
Characteristics: Hand-cut paper collage
Including museum glass and frame
This artwork got sold via Art Can Gallery in Paris
This is the most recent collage in a series of collages that I’ve started working on during the quarantine time early 2020. In this particular work I’ve incorporated a smile, as I feel we need to keep smiling and to stay positive during these uncertain times. Meanwhile I’ve started working on new collages for a show in Paris in November. Today I tried to work while my two boys were running around, full of energy, constantly humming or shouting and stepping into paint … major challenge, sometimes I feel like my brain could explode anytime. At the same time my heart melts when my youngest sits down in our studio for about 30 minutes to work on his own colourful brique. Nonetheless I hope that we will all be able to keep sending our kids to school, to stay sane, and that we won’t have to postpone new planned shows and projects again.
Keep on smiling!
20th of September, 2020