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A tribute to Akosua
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A tribute to Akosua

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Born on a Sunday. This little magical human being. Adventurous but focused. Funny and caring. Akosua is her name. Back in the nineties she and I would sneak out to do an illegal piece. It got her arrested, this badass girl. Later we would sneak out for months and travel the world from the outback of Australia to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. She assisted me with a mural on great heights in Italy and set up my solo show in Chicago. She is the girl I had a crush on long before she noticed me. She is definitely the kind of woman you conquer the world with, the type of woman you marry. In her I chose the mother of my sons.
Nowadays she is the driving force behind team DOES. It’s her who encourages me when I hesitate and who kicks my ass when need be. I can count on her critical notes when a piece is below level. Straightforward as she is, she forces me to stay sharp, to keep pushing my limits and develop myself as a person and as an artist. But most of all, she is there for me. Always. Not visible to you, but indispensable for me.
Today, I would like to give this unique lady a tribute by making a mural for her on a very special spot. It’s where in 1997 I did my first illegal piece. This ‘lost ground’ in my hometown is a desolate place under the railway, overgrown with plants and trees and not easy to get to. It used to host walls decorated with interesting pieces and was an especially big source of inspiration to me. It gave me an exciting feeling, a feeling that I have never lost…
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Last Sunday I went back there, after all these years, to honor my wife with a painting named after her. The piece I made there in 1997 has partly faded and is partly painted over. But my words “I want you to know I’ll be back” have lasted. This place marks a path in my history. A path I continue to walk on. With her, every step of the way…
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