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DOES’s collages are a continuation of his unique style and profound technique in terms of the level of detail, composition and the game of light and shadows.

'CHOOSE LOVE' - Collage nr° 25


Paper Collages

Graffiti styled paper art by DOES

It is often asked how DOES went from a graffiti writer to making paper collages. Creating collages was a new step in his development as an artist, but working with paper itself was not entirely new. In his past study of letters, he used to print copies of his drawings and tear them into pieces. By deconstructing the letterforms this way, he developed an understanding of their composition. In his first collages, you can see an extensive use of torn pieces of paper.

His more recent collages are characterised by many layers. Each collage he creates is more detailed and refined than the previous one. He sets high standards for the quality of the paper he works with. Nothing is accidental about the collages, all parts are carefully placed. There is a thread in everything. From the lines in the structure of the paper to the placement of the letters and the elements in the frame.

Art by DOES

Handcut details

Every piece of paper is cut by hand. A collage comes together when small
detailed formations of pieces are glued on top of each other.


DOES's collection of collages reflects the development of a new art form. From torn pieces of paper in the initial phase to multiple layered highly detailed and refined art works in different shapes and crusty color schemes.



"The cool thing about working with paper is that nothing is fixed until I stick it with glue.
In that sense it is very different from working with paint that has to be right the first time.
I often move the pieces of paper around to find the exact right place and composition."

THE largest graffiti styled paper collage

When curator Yasha Young approached DOES with the question if he wanted to make a large scale collage, his first thought was ‘how?’ It had never been done for a reason. Which materials and techniques would be suitable, how to determine the right proportions and how to place the surfaces. Where to start? As soon as DOES opened up to the idea, the image of what the collage could become started to form in his head. He made a protoype completely to scale, prepared a color plan and traveled to Munich to hand cut and assmeble a 4 x 4 meter paper collage.


"What I hoped for became reality. I am not easily pleased. But with this piece, the result is better than I had hoped for. It is full of energy, power, color and hope. While it is made of pieces of paper, it has my signature allover and its roots in graffiti."

paper collages

The first collages

"Looking at my very first collage, I find it quite raw with a lot of torn pieces of paper.
In the beginning I didn't apply many layers in my collages. You can see that I was really pioneering.
I didn't know at the time that collages would grow into a new artform."





Solo show at Extend Gallery in Brussels, Belgium.

In nature there is a constant and ongoing exchange between natural elements air, earth, water and fire. This is how the earth renews itself: perpetual motion. The four natural elements are at the heart of DOES’s work, represented through a mix of highly detailed abstract shapes and colors.

2022 | Marseille, France


Solo show hosted by ArtCan Gallery in Marseille.

After spending months in his studio, cutting and pasting, DOES revealed 12 new collages. The show sold out completely, leaving DOES without words.

paper collages