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BOOK RELEASE – Qui Facit Creat II
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BOOK RELEASE – Qui Facit Creat II

Coincidence does not exist, is often said. DOES fully agrees with this. As an artist, he often makes intuitive choices that cannot always be explained rationally. So why did he choose that one particular sketch out of his entire portfolio to serve as the basis for Qui Facit Creat II? The sketch of the work 'Ferris', named after his youngest son.

One thing is for sure. That's no coincidence. Because the birth of Ferris is one of the most profound events in the past six years that has influenced DOES as a person and artist.

Six years after the release of DOES' first book, he now presents the follow-up Qui Facit Creat II. This book displays a carefully curated selection of works in various disciplines from 2016 to 2022. It is the next chapter in DOES’ creative process. A deepening of his creative senses, skills and understanding of letters and their composition.

For the occasion he takes a moment to reflect, a conversation with DOES at his kitchen table.

What does this book mean to you?

“The aim of creating a legacy is what urges me to create. This book is the tangible outcome of my drive to leave something behind. It reflects the highlights of the past six years with which I hope to inspire others. It is also a moment to reflect on my milestones as an artist. There is so little time to stand still and consider. Or rather, I don't take much time for it. I am always focused on what’s ahead and don’t look back too much. In that sense, the book is also a moment of reflection for myself.”

What characterizes the past six years if you look at your work?

“The years have flown by. Years in which I have done many projects. Looking back at it, I see an important shift in 2019, when I moved into my new studio. In the studio I was able to experiment freely without anyone judging, except me. I started working with new materials such as cement, epoxy, fabric and paper. The impetus for this was actually already given during the creation of Qui Facit Creat I, while deconstructing letters by tearing them apart. By tearing and cutting off letters, a whole new range of shapes and compositions unfolded.”

How is this development reflected in the book?

“This deep understanding of letters and their composition distinguishes the work presented in this book. But also my study of color schemes is reflected in the works selected. You can see that the color transitions are more natural, they add strength to the shapes and are at the same time easy to process for the viewer’s eyes.

In the book you’ll find a selection of drawings, paintings, murals, pieces, sculptures and paper collages.”

For the release of the book you created the artwork Qui Facit Creat II. What is the inspiration for this work?

“The painting is an enlarged detail of the sketch of an earlier work, called Ferris. I can't explain why I chose this particular sketch. It can't be a coincidence though, because the birth of my youngest son Ferris is at the root of this period in my life.

The colors I used are inspired by the colors of my favorite artworks in the book: the wall I painted in Molitor, Paris and the mural in Helsingborg, Sweden.”

So you have a favorite work then?

“Yes, the work in Helsingborg now appeals to me the most. It is perhaps the epitome of DOES in this period. That wall is just right. In terms of dynamics, composition and use of color; it is perfectly balanced.”

What stands out in the artwork Qui Facit Creat II are the white letters DOES. Why is that?

“It is indeed something entirely new for me to use letters in a readable way, as we all know them. The letters D, O, E and S, however, are at the basis of all my work. They have become very abstract though, and most viewers would not recognize the letters as such. I wanted to make the letters accessible and recognizable again.”

To conclude, will there be a third book in the range?

“Looking back on it, Qui Facit Creat l has been a milestone in my career, as I’m sure this book will be in time. My creativity is still working overtime. So, if I am fortunate enough to be able to keep doing what I love, I certainly hope there will be a sequel.”

DOES painted Qui Facit Creat II on the cover of 100 books, with each book cover portraying a small part of the total work.

The book is available in two editions:

Deluxe Edition - edition of 100


Collector Edition - edition of 1400


Books are available via our shop.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this book in any way. Fans and supporters across the world that give me continuous support and the DOES team.

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