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First 20 Years – Time to celebrate
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First 20 Years – Time to celebrate

We're celebrating Does's first 20 years with an exclusive new book that takes you on a journey showing his evolution of dedication to style. This book is based on Does's original blackbooks and filled to the gills with unreleased sketches, stories and drawings.

"I can’t remember what year it was that I met DOES for the first time. But I know it was in his hometown of Sittard, and I know that somewhere along the line I rudely scrawled my name on the back of his sketchbook. Fast forward many years and I’m proud to see one of the nicest dudes, in this thing we call graffiti, immortalising 20 years of his career inside a leather-bound book (okay okay, maybe not leather, but a bloody clever blackbook-inspired hard cover at least).

This is an open book, and not in a “my door is always open” kinda way – more that it’s an honest look at the trajectory of this spray can wizard’s artistic evolution. It starts waaaay, waaaay back at DOES’ beginning, with his earliest sketches – which in this ego-driven world, would normally stay stashed away from judging eyes – relics of his early development which are on display to be celebrated as an important part of the journey. They are super interesting to see. Littered amongst the pages are notes from the artist himself, and handwritten observations from his dad. These offer an insight into his brain patterns along the way, rounded out by a father’s perspective. It’s a nice touch, as are the pages which include the original sketch, juxtaposed alongside the finished painting.

As I flipped the pages of this book, closer to his works of present day, I fell in love with DOES’ work again. Watching his style evolve, and his knack for detail become more refined. This is a beautifully considered publication, in all elements of its production – from design to printing. It highlights a 20 year obsession with letter bending and committing plans to paper first. I look forward to seeing where his style sits in another 20." - Luke Shirlaw

We would like to thank our whole team and family members for making this project happen.

Team: Slamtheflap, BureauNobel, Streetartcities, Strictua, Tumki, Stephan Polman, Marthin Flokstra, Linda, Sanne

Family members: Francis, Fred, Rover & Ferris

This evolution of style would not have been possible without the continuous support from our followers. Major Thanks!

This book was printed by Schrijen-Lippertz

Photos by Blickfanger & Stephan Polman

Pre-order your book before Monday 6 November and get 10% off.

And all pre-orders for the Deluxe Edition get a chance to win the original Does sketch created for this book release. Drawing of lots on Monday 6 November via live Instagram session @digitaldoesshop, at 15.00 CEST we announce the winner.

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