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At home DOES is right on top of his game. This week he created the first piece of a two-part project in Heerlen (The Netherlands). The ‘mural capitol’ is located just twenty minutes away from where he touches base and recently built his new studio.

DOES was invited to create a unique piece as part of the ‘Beyond the Wall’ project. ‘Beyond the Wall’ is the next step in a series of annual projects hosted by the Street Art Foundation to invite international talent to the city of Heerlen to create and enliven the city. This specific project seeks to invite contemporary street artists who explore and develop themselves further or different than the traditional mural.

As part of the project, DOES transformed an industrial-sized shipping-container into an object of art during the Cultura Nova Festival. Inside the container there is no rubbish or cheap knock-off products, but a high-tech visitor’s center, used by the festival and its sponsor Rabobank to promote Street Art and the city of Heerlen on diverse locations. The container was coated with aluminum plates to really bring out DOES’s palette, lines and shapes against a clean but exciting background.

The unique design was specifically created for this life-size three-dimensional object, accentuating the cube and it’s natural palette. Both sides of the container will be transformed in time, with a preview of the first side visible here. DOES’s razor-sharp lines and fluid colours give this gigantic piece of metal a very lively and organic character, making it stand out but also aesthetically pleasing.

On his quest to leave tangible objects and walls behind through his art, DOES created this piece on two different locations. The second location was at the foot of the local 10th century church, which worked inspiring but was also a bit daunting even to the experienced painter. It makes one just occasionally stop and wonder for how long his or her art will live on into future generations...

With thanks to Stichting Street Art/The Street Art Foundation and the Rabobank, in collaboration with the Samen Parkstad initiative.

To be continued ...

Photos by Sanne Gijsbers & Klaus Tummers

Text ByFrieda

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