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No Pressure No Diamonds
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No Pressure No Diamonds

This is my shout-out to you. Me sending positive vibes into the world through colors and energy. My antidote to a world gone mad. We all know that there's no such thing as perfection. As we look around us flaws are everywhere. It’s often the imperfection that stands out. So this is also me celebrating imperfection as it often inspires me. Because behind every crack lies a world to discover.

Last month I collaborated with Matthias ‘Zenith’ Schoenaerts on this radiant piece inspired by a crack in the wall that he photographed in Paris. 'No Pressure No Diamonds' announces that there’s glory in imperfection and triumph in pain. Flashy and cheerful colors arouse the idea of diamonds to cheer up passers-by. While the Belgium city of Antwerp was undergoing strict regulations to prevent a further spread of the virus, we worked long days, side by side, high and low, with only the evening curfew holding us back.

Having done few projects on site this summer it was liberating to be out there again.

Big thanks to Streetartcities and Nans Schonkeren


Check the video HERE

Video and Photography by Scottraygeorge

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City Antwerp (BE)
Country Belgium