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Paper Pixels
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Paper Pixels

Announcement: NFT Collection by DOES & Gene Kogan

We couldn't be more excited to introduce PAPER PIXELS, a new NFT Project by Gene Kogan, Digital DOES and Streetlab.io

Once confined to the physical realm, this mind-blowing paper collage collection, meticulously crafted by Digital DOES, now lives in a digital space of pixels unraveling a parallel universe and revealing a futuristic microcosmos of complex landscapes, intricate textures, electric compositions and vibrant colors.

Each piece is a testament to DOES’s craftsmanship, weaving stories of futuristic landscapes and vibrant expressions through layers of dynamic textures. A quest to make the delicate nature of paper eternal, guided DOES to a mystical crossroad, where the cosmic threads of fate intertwined with the artistic essence of Gene Kogan — his alchemist of technology and a conjurer of digital dreams. Being a master of technology Gene unlocked the code to access the digital subconscious of DOES to download detailed timestamps. These futuristic details form the building blocks that unfold into vibrant micro cities of paper pixels. Wander through this parallel universe where details, textures and elements, once static, become a dynamic infrastructure of storytelling creations, visualizing boundless possibilities that arise when tradition meets technology.

Paper Pixels is a collection of 600 AI-generated pieces; 588 fixed and 12 animated pieces. 

Soon we will be able to share more details about this project and the creative process. 

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