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The last release of 2020.


About Harvest Moon
The Harvest Moon is a period in which the moon appears full for three days in a row. It takes place in September or October and is characterized by an abundance of bright moonlight early in the evening. This light aids farmers with harvesting their summer-grown crops.

To me Harvest Moon symbolizes the fruitful period that I have experienced as an artist during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Being forced to stay home as the world shut down brought many opportunities. Not only was I able to put my time and effort into creating new things but also I found new inspiration. Seeing my kids cutting up paper and pasting it onto other pieces of paper planted the seeds for new inspired work to be harvested the coming period.

The bright light of the Harvest Moon is reflected in the color scheme of the print ‘Harvest Moon Orange’ and embodies the energy I got from finding new inspiration. The more tranquil colors of ‘Harvest Moon Turquoise’ illustrate the peace and balance of spending more time at home.

Harvest Moon is the last release of 2020 and is printed with a different technique than usual. Both prints are handmade original screen prints, created in collaboration with Atelier Haven. Screen printing is a technique where ink is basically pushed through a screen and transferred on to the paper whereby a stencil is used to block out areas where the color is not wanted. Both prints contain five colors. Because colors are printed one at a time, several layers are generated making each print unique. In addition each piece is finished off with hand embellishments.

The screen print is available in two colours 'Harvest Moon Orange' and 'Harvest Moon Turquoise'



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