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Qui Facit, Creat
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Qui Facit, Creat

Did you ever hear of the saying "you're only a real guy once you've planted a tree, had a son and written a book"? We are not sure about whether or not this is an actual saying, but it is a saying that has been passed on to us through the family circle. While it is used as a joke, it has had some impact on Does as over the past few years he has planted several trees, had two sons and a long cherished wish to create his own book. In October 2015 he took the first concrete steps towards turning this wish into reality: he sat down with his trusted team, created a game plan and selected a publisher.

As the launch of the new website had to be pushed back to mid 2016, the idea arose to combine the book launch with the launch of the new website, which resulted in the creation of the work titled 'Qui Facit, Creat'. The book intends to showcase the evolution of Does's style by displaying a selection of Does's work over the past few years and the finished work 'Qui Facit, Creat’ marks the result of this 'style evolution' up until 2016.

The work as a whole can be broken down into 56 unique pieces. Each piece was painted directly onto the lid of a box that was especially designed to store 1 out of the 56 Deluxe Edition books.

Below you find Does’s answers to a few frequently asked questions.

- What is the meaning of the title 'Qui Facit, Creat'?

'Qui Facit, Creat' is Latin for 'He who does creates'.

- What was the biggest challenge in the printing process?

Getting the colour on the book cover right. As the book represents me and my work, I wanted the main colours of the book (black and Dieci Does orange) to reflect that. Getting the colour on the book cover right proved to be quite a challenge.

- How long did it take you to create the work 'Qui Facit, Creat'?

Painting the 56 boxes took me approximately 1.5 month. It was quite a lengthy project as I wanted to make sure that the 56 boxes as a whole and each box in itself could be considered as a worthy artwork. In addition we had to build an elaborate wooden structure to hang the boxes.

- What is the size of the complete work and each unique piece?

The size of the work as a whole is 161 x 252 cm and the size of each box is 23 x 31.5 cm.

- Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Inside everyone of the 56 boxes, under the book, you’ll find one of the spraypaint caps that I used while painting 'Qui Facit, Creat'.

The book 'Qui Facit, Creat' is available in the webshop.

Book design by Slam the Flap

Photos by Stephan Polman

Videos by Strictua

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