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Endless Perspectives | Exhibition
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Endless Perspectives | Exhibition

The results of the Endless Perspectives project were shown during a 3-day exhibition in April 2013 at the construction site of the End to End building in Melbourne. Around 1000+ people hit the construction site and went on one of the guided tours! It was an absolute thrill putting this show on. Thanks to all that came down on the opening night to celebrate and join DOES on his Endless Perspectives adventure. 


About the Endless Perspectives project

DOES traveled to Amsterdam, Basel, London, Paris, Melbourne & Sydney to paint canvasses incorporated into murals. His journeys were documented by cameraman Stephan Polman who accompanied DOES during his travels to each of these cities. After returning from their travels Rube Parthoens jumped in to edit the footage and Blankeroy started cooking up a tune to match the respective city. ‘Endless Perspectives’ featured a new body of work aiming to capture graffiti’s transient nature. The title refers to the infinite interpretations and unlimited ways in which art and experiences can be perceived. During the journey that led to the work exhibited, DOES’s outlook evolved continuously. Events that at first glance appeared to be hurdles became unsought opportunities and vice versa – it’s all just a matter of perspective: the viewers’ included. A love letter to both cities and styles, 'Endless Perspectives' leaves you looking a little closer.


About the End to End building

The End to End building is the latest in a series of street culture inspired buildings by ITN Architects, it is the sequel to the well known Hive Graffiti Apartments. The building is comprised of a six-pack of new five storey commercial tenancies each with an elevator, decks and car spaces. It is impressively crowned by three retired, renovated Hitachi Met trains with panoramic views of Collingwood and beyond.

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Event type Solo Exhibition
City Collingwood (AU)
Country Australia