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Let’s go Paris!

Really happy to announce my live exhibition ‘Elements’ this week in Paris at a very special location: Molitor Paris

Opening night this Wednesday 16 June.
Worked really hard the last few months to get it all done and just picked up several new works from the framer.

In collaboration with Paris’ Molitor DOES announces his first live solo show since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Nourished by the free flow of creativity he experienced during the relative tranquility of the lockdowns, DOES discovered new elements to express his art. During this first show, all different elements come together.

DOES works without boundaries and likes to switch styles and find balance by exploring different art forms and using various media in his quest to leave something tangible behind in this world, in this lifetime. The past years he experimented with cement in addition to the traditional spray paint on wall and paint on canvas. This resulted in his first collection of "BRIQUE" sculptures.

Because DOES was unable to travel abroad or carry out projects during the Covid lockdowns, he was able to take a step back from the usual everyday rush. While working from his home studio he discovered further ways and materials to express his art. Seeing his kids cutting up paper and sticking it onto other pieces of paper while helping them with the glue, inspired him to start making paper collages. The collages by DOES have been received with great enthusiasm.

In his constant search for new ways to express art, DOES recently added a new dimension to translate and present his work to the viewer: through the use of fabric. The first collection of woven artworks based on DOES' mural work will be unveiled at the show and exhibited along with DOES’ sculptures and collages.

Inspired by the effects of light and shadow to create a sense of depth in his work, there is no better way to experience DOES’ art than to view it from up-close during a live exhibition. DOES is thrilled with the foresight of connecting to his fans again and gladly takes the opportunity to host a book signing session.

Curated by Sylvia Randazzo

Super excited to be out there again! More images and video footage will be shared during the next few days via social media.

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Event type Solo Exhibition
Venue Molitor
City Paris (FR)
Country France