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Solo Show Chicago
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Solo Show Chicago

The exhibition titled 'Transition' featured Does's most recent mixed media paintings on canvas, including large scale work up to 5.5 meters in length.

Oliver Hild, Gallery Director, Maxwell Colette Gallery:

"DOES's latest body of work presents text-based paintings where words are visually imploded and reconstituted as aggregations of disarticulated, smoldering letterforms. These compositions seem to levitate in space, dripping and melting away at their edges into the painting’s etherial, minimalist backgrounds. DOES portrays the forms with incredible accuracy and attention to detail; rendering them nearly hyper-realistic. His technical mastery is stunning, and the paintings push beyond the boundaries of traditional graffiti into a more conceptual and painterly territory where shapes and colors assume narrative and present reflections of our frenetic post-modern society. While traditional letterforms remain a key element in his work, I find DOES is exploring new ground both visually and conceptually. As the title implies, the paintings in Transition are the result of a period of heightened creative development in the artist’s craft, and provide an exciting glimpse into his unique aesthetic evolution."

Maxwell Colette Gallery specializes in post-street contemporary art. The gallery was founded in 2010 with a commitment to erasing the distinctions between fine art, street art and graffiti.

Photos by Jeff Mancilla

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Event type Solo Exhibition
Venue Maxwell Colette Gallery
City Chicago (US)
Country United States