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Solo Show: Perpetual - Opening April 20
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Solo Show: Perpetual - Opening April 20

Proud to announce solo show 'Perpetual' at Extend Gallery in Brussels, Belgium. Opening Thursday 20 April.

Transience plays a major role in DOES' work. The artist seeks to give meaning to the infinity of things.

In nature there is a constant and ongoing exchange between natural elements air, earth, water and fire. This is how the earth renews itself: perpetual motion. The four natural elements are at the heart of DOES’ work, represented through a mix of highly detailed abstract shapes and colors.

By reducing the perpetual cycle of life to a moment and capturing this moment in eternity, DOES achieves a fixation of space-time in a defined surface. Sharing his work with the world is as much a destination as it is the inspiration and fundament for future work, coming full circle.

Sint-Jorisstraat 13
1050 Elsene, Belgium

Opening Night: 20 April / 6PM

Exhibition runs from 20 April untill 10 May 2023

For more information and sales inquiries, please contact diego@artcan-gallery.com

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Event type Solo Exhibition
City Elsene, België
Country België