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2018 – you were formidable!
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2018 – you were formidable!

You were formidable. You were the past and the present, the outside as well as the inside, the old along with the new. Twenty eighteen, after you there’s no way back.

You made DOES push his personal limits, made him explore depths and perspectives in a new way. You led him to combine outside murals with highly detailed studio work by processing fragments of old walls in new work and by inspiring him to use epoxy as glue to connect to foregone moments, to perpetuate the past and to make what was into what is. You revealed ‘BRIQUE’. And that’s not all. You made DOES’ circle full. You made it all come together. Soccer and graffiti, passion and profession, ‘his club’ and ‘his art’. Designing the anniversary shirt for the 50th anniversary of the professional soccer club Fortuna Sittard was a huge honor.

You were a year of pixels and jet lags. Of highs and goodbyes. ‘No guts, no glory’ they say. So while it’s always a struggle to go away, DOES knows he’s condemned to what’s out there, outside of his comfort, where he’s challenged as a person and evolves as an artist. Even though you provided no roadmap, DOES packed time and time again. Awed by historical romance in Molitor, Paris, where avant-garde and the Parisian underground scene merged and transformed into a unique hotel. Fired away by the New Countryside in Luowen, China, witnessing how everyday peasant life became the carrier of graffiti. Whether it was summer vibes in Miami, joining hands with friends to rise to new heights at Redcinemas or fine food & art in Australia, every memory represented a unique moment in time.

Finally, you represent the loss of a very special mate: DOES’ pair of Nike Sellwood Mid AC. For many years they rubbed his feet while he rocked his art. But scarred by a life of colors, shapes and composition their end came. Luckily, no end comes without a new beginning. And that holds true for this amazing year as well.

So as DOES stands here now with a bag full of memories, he looks ahead. The ‘BRIQUE’ collection is still on display till mid-January in 44309 Gallery in Dortmund, Germany. Moreover, DOES is thrilled to reveal new work in the new year. Ready for twenty nineteen.

A big word of thanks to everyone involved in team DOES. Marco for his everyday support as creative director, Linda for managing the webshop, Frieda for sharing her writing skills, Joan for helping DOES along with the ‘BRIQUE’ project and Sanne for being there every step of the way.

Last but definitely not least thanks to all of you who enjoy DOES' work and follow his journey!

Have a great New Year!

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