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Twenty seventeen
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Twenty seventeen

Not a man of many words, DOES would like to dedicate few words to the past year. An exceptional year in which we celebrated DOES's first twenty years as an artist. Twenty years of growth from a teenage underground graffiti writer to the multidisciplinairy artist he is today. Ironic as may be, the transience of street art has triggered a desire in DOES; the desire to make his life work tangible. Therefore he displayed his evolution of style quite literally in an open book based on his original blackbook. His very personal development in understanding of lines and composition out there on display to you; the judging eye. We have been absolutely blown away as the Deluxe Edition was sold out in four days.

Twenty years of flow. Of pursuing inspiration. Travelling being the greatest source of it. This year DOES left his sprayprints allover the world, from Bonito Mexico to the land of Oz. Inspired by blue skies, sun and guacamole he took part in the first Cromatia festival spraying a 15 X 8 meter wall in the historical centre of Mexico City. In Brisbane, armed with fresh concrete, he conquered bricks when creating a painting in the new Ironlak Art & Design store. And trust DOES to turn a vacation into spraycation, rocking his name on a secluded beach side in the land of smiles Thailand. Time and time again leaving only a memory.

It was a year in which DOES enhanced interaction with you. The fan, the judge, the friend without whom DOES's work would merely be an echo in the dark. You inspire DOES to take his art to a an undefined level.

Even though time may stand still while DOES does what he does best, the clock ticks. New projects await in France and the USA. Driven by the rhythm of sketching and the everlasting quest for colours, shapes and materials DOES will pursuit to create.

Special thanks to the digitaldoes team and to you for your support. We wish you all the best for 2018! Stay tuned!

Text: #ByFrieda

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