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A show consisting of over 30 artists, from all over the world.
Featured Artists:
Aline Setton, Charlie Immer, Colin Prahl, Cristian Blanxer, Crystal Wagner, CT Nelson, Damon Soule, Dan Lam, Deih, DOES, Emma Black, Handiedan, Hugo D. Villa, Kenta Torii, Koz Dos, Mars-1, Michael Camarra, Miles Toland, Molly Gruninger, Naoto Hattori, Oliver Vernon, Peeta, Proembrion, Rosie Woods, Sckaro, Sebastian Wahl, Seher, Sheep Chen, Vance, Vanessa Lemen, Victor Fota, Yusk
Opening Reception: December 11th, 5-11pm.
Exhibition on view from December 11th - January 12th
Canvas 'Vivid' is available. For more information, please contact info@ryanjosephgallery.com
Visit the Ryan Joseph Gallery website HERE
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City Denver, United States
Country United States