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Xenia Hotel
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Xenia Hotel

This week I received images of a piece I painted a few years back at Xenia Hotel in Athens, built on top of Parnitha Mountain.

What an awesome and spooky experience that was!

An abandoned place always gives me some sort of thrill, but this place added an extra layer of eeriness as the complete top of the mountain was covered in thick fog.

Some historic facts to give you a bit more insight into the place:

Xenia was built in 1912 as a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. Its location, 30 km away from the city of Athens, inside a forested area was ideal for the sufferers of the disease. In the following decades though, with the use of penicillin and other antibiotics to cure TB, there were fewer patients and the sanatorium shut down in 1960.

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City Xenia (GR)
Country Greece