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Night Quill™ has been developed to aid, assist, and further the art forms utilizing spray paint. Night Quill’s goal is to bridge the gap with skill level as a beginner and offer products that give confidence and assist in the most creative artistic outcome. Having such tools will give anyone experiencing muscle, joint, or tendon problems a chance to continue their art practice and career path.

There are 4 color-coded Night Quills available with varying bounce – soft, medium or hard touch. 

The Night Quill Starter Bundle includes one of each:

  • The Infrared is soft touch and has a lot of bounce/travel, amazing for fine details, dusting and spitting textures.
  • The Aqua is medium touch and has less bounce with a more direct flow. Perfect for a range of nozzles medium to thin.
  • The Kryptonite is hard touch and has the least bounce and the most direct flow, fantastic on hard valve systems and problematic nozzles.
  • The Orange is medium touch, giving you great leverage over the nozzle with some added bounce to help with effects and fits perfectly over NY Fats, Lego and works seamlessly with cans like Rusto and other generic cheaper brands.

Night Quill isn’t a throw-away product, but a tool to be taken care of and reused many times.

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4 Night Quills available with varying bounce – soft, medium or hard touch.