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As DOES I speak to you through shapes and colors, creating abstract energetic pieces with the letters D O E and S as a foundation. I have always found inspiration in everyday life and the world we live in. Inspired by the world around, I can't shut myself off from what's happening in that world right now. It penetrates the walls of my studio and holds me in its grip. This has led to a new piece that is different from my usual art. An image representing a map of the Netherlands unraveling my thoughts.

The work shows the map of the Netherlands with the shape of the fierce lion that symbolizes this country. I see a country that values freedom above all, a country with an entrepreneurial spirit, invincible. When I blink, I see how that same country is weighed down by restrictive measures, how free spirit is being curbed and how people are increasingly seeking conflict rather than standing side by side. I see a landslide.

As an artist, it is not my role to make political statements. I see it as my goal in life to connect through art, move people with elusive but positive images and spread color in everyone's heart. I want to trigger the imagination; not show you what is actually there, but challenge you to see what lies beyond. For once, today, I'm going a step further. I want to plant a small seed. A seed of love.

Corona is a landslide. It shifts all values and relations as we have known them in the world until now. But only if we let it. Only if we fail to choose love, understanding and respect.

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”

Nelson Mandela.

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