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In his paintings DOES always searches for the right balance in colors and shapes




Original hand-painted canvas

People often ask me what my ambition is. I am keen on leaving something tangible behind in this world, in this lifetime. This is the driving force behind my constant search for new ways to express art. I don’t want to set boundaries. From two-dimensional murals and canvasses my work has slowly but precisely evolved to 3D-art, like sculptures and collages.

After several years of sketching and drawing to prepare my pieces and murals, I developed a desire to explore my creativity via a new medium. My motivation grew when I bought my first painting by DARE, he was a great source of inspiration as he showed me that it was possible to work on canvas while staying true to your personal style developed in the streets. This was my stepping stone to broadening my view and also daring to experiment freely.

I find inspiration in shapes and colors that I see in everyday life and especially nature inspires me enormously.

Art by DOES

Hand-painted details

DOES enjoys getting lost in the details of a painting, here shapes assume narrative


Paintings are created for solo shows, group shows and on commission basis. His paintings are shipped worldwide and featured in collections across the globe. 


The details in his paintings are astonishing. The longer you look, the more you uncover.



A reflection of elements that played an important part in DOES’s career as a football player: the centre of the pitch where the match begins, central midfield was his favorite position on the pitch, the Dutch national football team plays in orange.


This painting was created when the global developments penetrated the walls of DOES's studio and held him in their grip. The canvas represents a map of the Netherlands unraveling his thoughts.



This duo was created by DOES right after returning from his summer holidays, still inspired by the Italian scenery and his two sons, double trouble. The canvas soon found a new home with a collector in Italy.