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Joos van Barneveld, better known as multidisciplinary artist DOES, has been perfecting his style since he first discovered graffiti at the age of fifteen.



Dedication, focus and self-restraint are ingrained in him after living the life of a professional football player until the age of 28.

For more than a decade he combined the daily needs of a professional athlete with the night-time secrets of a graffiti writer until a knee injury forced him to give up his career as a professional football player. Since then, DOES has devoted himself exclusively to art.

Over the years DOES's art has diversified into illustrative drawings, prints and canvases, sculptures and more recently paper collages. DOES travels all over the world to participate in numerous international projects, his art is featured in collections across the globe.



Behind the artist there is a team of people who share the same passion for creativity as DOES. Through our webshop we sell prints, books, shirts and other derivates of DOES's art, we initiate our own projects and we are invited to interesting projects and collaborations all over the world. Over the years our team has grown to include a managing partner, creative director, graphic designer, product designer, photo- and videographer, programmer, shop manager, copywriter, student assistent.



As a multidisciplinary artist, DOES likes to switch styles and find balance by exploring different art forms and using various media. No matter the medium, DOES’ work breathes exuberance, is bright, dynamic, and full of energy. Possible collaborations include but are not limited to live painting on festivals around the world, fashion, sports, interior design and dinner with DOES. Our collaborations are based on co-creation, synergy and focused on uplifting one another.


“In my work I have the mindset that every artpiece could be my last.
I put all my passion into every piece and everything has to be right.”