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Collab & Partner


Our collaborations are based on co-creation, synergy and focused on uplifting one another


DOES offers high end artworks and exclusive design, recognizable and unique in every aspect without compromising authenticity


Traveling the world to express himself through his art and share it with people worldwide is a substantial part of DOES’ identity as an artist. DOES has participated in a great number of festivals around the globe mesmerizing his audience with a live performance. When painting live DOES is on top of his game. The foresight of perfecting his art draws him like an addiction. Besides live painting DOES will gladly contribute to your festival with a lecture or Q&A session. For particular requests, get in touch!


As a multidisciplinary artist with his roots in graffiti, DOES expresses himself as purely as possible, without limiting his creativity. This is reflected in a continuous evolution in the use of different media: from murals, canvas and sculptures to paper collages and now also fashion. DOES and fashion designer Ronald van der Kemp (RVDK) showcased during the leading Paris Couture Week that graffiti and fashion go very well together. Ready to co-create? Get in touch!


Dine with DOES: Passion for food and passion for art come together during a ‘meet & greet’ dinner with DOES. A big screen reveals that there’s more into this high-end dinner than just food. The menu is set with great care, the chef picks a number of DOES’ artworks as inspiration for the menu. Every course becomes an art piece in itself combining fine taste with colors and design inspired on DOES’ works. Dinner with DOES includes meet & greet, signature session and selling of art pieces.


Sports is something DOES knows all about. As a former professional soccer player in the Dutch Premier League he knows how to push limits through discipline, hard work and perseverance. DOES and sports are the perfect match. DOES’ art embodies vibrant energy, explosive color and iron discipline. Possible collaborations could include but are not limited to designing sportswear and sports equipment. Think exclusive tailor made design to match your brand’s identity.


Vibrant colors, explosive figures and finest details: DOES pulls you into his world of letters, shapes and colors and keeps you mesmerized.  Whether talking about a 600m2 warehouse or a 75m2 canal house, DOES will transform your interior into a unique space matching the atmosphere of the surroundings.

Taste color

Inspired by DOES's work, every course becomes an art piece in itself