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DOES transformed his studio into a multifunctional space with an official gallery wall to present his art. DOES GALLERY is an online gallery that makes red-hot artwork available straight from the studio as the paint has yet to dry.


My home studio is where I practice and perfect my style, where I experiment and allow myself to fail. Here I can take a step back from the usual everyday rush and let creativity flow freely.


DOES’s home studio turned into a multifunctional space: half gallery, half studio.



DOES’s home studio turned into a multifunctional space – half studio, half gallery – with an official gallery wall.


The transience of street art has triggered a desire in DOES: the desire to make his life work tangible as a confirmation of his existence. Driven by the rhythm of sketching and the everlasting quest for colors, shapes and materials DOES will pursue to create. He is today moving the boundaries of his own artistic research in new conceptual directions.

MADE in the gallery

DOES's artwork is featured in collections across the globe.


The attention to detail that characterizes DOES's work comes to life on canvas. It takes several weeks for DOES to finish a detailed painting.


DOES searched for ways to combine elements of his outside work with his highly detailed studio paintings. The outcome is sculpture collection ‘BRIQUE’.

Paper Collages

Graffiti styled paper artworks based on many pieces of hand-cut paper carefully and very precisely glued on top of and next to each other.


Every artwork starts with a sketch, created with pencil and marker on paper. Based on this drawing a new piece of art arises and reaches its final form.

brique tag box

Inspired by the many requests DOES receives for tags in blackbooks or on clothing often during projects abroad.

Fine Art prints

All prints are based on original work by DOES. Great care is taken to ensure that our prints are colorfast and display the level of detail and finish of the original work. All prints are produced in the Netherlands by specialists in the field of art reproduction.


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