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Molitor is a name that has been intrinsically linked to street art for more than three decades. The building closed in 1989 and was classed as a listed historic building; it was then occupied by artists who transformed the space into an immense art hub, which gradually became a mecca for the Parisian underground street and graffiti art scene.

When the hotel re-opened, a conscious decision was made to preserve and highlight this rich legacy. Each of the 78 cubicles surrounding the winter pool, originally used as a place for swimmers to change in privacy, have been taken over by artists who have produced a diverse gallery of contemporary urban art, and it is these Art Cabins which are the focus of MOLITOR : VIBRATIONS ARTISTIQUES, edited by h'artpon.

'DOES' was invited to paint one of their cabins 172.  

  • Title: Molitor, Vibrations Artistiques
  • Author : h’artpon
  • Inside: 172 pages
  • Language: French / English
  • Size: 24 X 30


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