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‘BRIQUE’ the reveal
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‘BRIQUE’ the reveal

‘BRIQUE’, a new sculpture collection by DOES.

After months of experimenting, focus and intense hard work, the first sculptures are ready to leave the lab.

We're so stoked and proud to reveal The ‘BRIQUE’ collection for the first time at ‘44309 Gallery’ Dortmund, Germany.

DOES is featured, together with works from Belin during the Duo show ‘Left Handed’. Join us to celebrate this exciting release.

Opening Saturday 10th of November at 19.00.
10 November - 29 December

INTRODUCING: The ‘BRIQUE’ collection by ‘DOES’

Over the past 20 years, the artist ‘DOES’ has been pushing his personal and creative boundaries with each new work. Spending an endless amount of time, practicing and perfecting his style, facing walls worldwide.
With a disciplined mindset and high production pace, the artist created a massive body of work.

From China to Mexico and Australia to New York, all across the globe, he painted huge colorful murals.
Each painting representing a moment in time, layered by colors.

In recent years, DOES searched for ways to combine outside murals with his highly detailed studio paintings.
The outcome resulted in ‘BRIQUE’; his first sculpture collection.

‘BRIQUE’ is about collecting pieces from past walls and reshaping them into a new form.
Reconnecting with foregone moments in front of the wall, transforming them into a new body.

‘BRIQUE’ originated when DOES returned to the very first wall he ever painted.

He extracted parts of this initial wall and used them as core elements in his new pieces.
Connecting all moments in time, including his own and transforming them into a new form.

Perpetuating the past and making new work traceable to a specific google coordinate of a bygone wall.
Making what was into what is.

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City Dortmund (DE)
Country Germany