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Tic Tac
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Tic Tac


“Using no limitation as a limitation, using no laws as a law”

Unknown, about DOES’ work


Next on DOES’ agenda was the Goldenflow festival at Ningbo, China. DOES´ schedule for the week was packed. While he stood fighting the heat and struggled with yet another jetlag, the clock ticked. One huge wall and just three days to complete it. Sketching, testing colors, painting squares, placing details and finishing it off. Tic Tac. In between painting DOES sat on the jury of the festival and found himself surrounded by the finest international artists from all over Asia.

Busy schedule or not, DOES made time for an old-school quick piece in an abandoned school building. No pressure. Just instinct. Smoothly moving his arm as the paint leaves the spray can and settles on the damp concrete wall of the discarded building. Enjoying flashbacks. But not for long … Tic tac.

Next on the agenda was a flight to the Chinese city of Nanning. Here DOES met up with Senk and Kish, two inspirational designers as well as artists, to discuss future products for DOES’ online shop. Need a new bag? Let’s make one! Before DOES knew he sat on a scooter cruising around town on the hunt for fabrics.

Few hours later the first prototype was ready. These guys are dedicated, passionate and very professional. And to say the least, very efficient. Tic tac. 

China was great again! On the downside, DOES still can’t manage to handle sticks … for eating.

Photos by Kish

Text ByFrieda

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