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DOES x FS: The Match
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DOES x FS: The Match

A full stadium. Twelve thousand spectators. Twenty two players. One pitch.
The arena transforms into a sea of yellow and green. The crowd howls at the stands while the players walk onto the pitch. I hold my breath. One year’s work goes into this moment. The revelation of ‘my’ shirt. It folds willingly around the players as they take their positions. Then the whistle blows. This is it. My art ánd my former love become one.
Fortuna puts up a fight. With two goals down in the second half, Fortuna holds its ground and pushes on. The stadium explodes. Fortuna goes down fighting. As I leave the stands I realize that the match may be over with, but this moment, my shirt, will be recorded in history...
Photos by Slam the Flap & Niels van Renen
Text ByFrieda
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City Sittard (NL)
Country Netherlands