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Clash Wall
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Clash Wall

In May 2014, Amsterdam was the backdrop for the Converse Clash Wall series, which has taken place in various cities across the globe. This one was locally unique as it embodied the history of the city by taking over a traditional 17th century canal house to create an unprecedented piece of art and a unique experience for the public to enjoy.

Eight Dutch artists – Does, Onno Poiesz, Rutger Termohlen, Sober Industries, Karski, Telmo Miel, Zedz and Zender - were challenged to create a “clash” of styles. With the use of multiple artistic methods and materials, the artists managed to seamlessly connect each floor of the five-story canal house, uniting their distinctive styles.

The first of its kind in the Clash Wall series, the project combined the artists' personal styles and ideas with that of Converse fans from around the world — uniting the artists and their fans via the brand’s Twitter page through inspirational tweets, conceptually working together in a new and refreshing way.

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Event type Group exhibition
City Amsterdam (NL)
Country Netherlands