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  • Landslide


    As DOES I speak to you through shapes and colors, creating abstract energetic pieces with the letters D O E and S as a foundation. I have always found inspiration...

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  • Landslide


    Commission canvas ‘Landslide’ in progress for a private collector in Switzerland.

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  • Frostbite


    Let’s start the year with a mural in Belgium’s capital Brussels where DOES painted a 12 meter high mural at Chaussée de Boondael in the freezing cold.   Final images of...

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  • On the road again

    On the road again

    At home DOES intends to create the perfect working conditions; in his homebased studio he easily gets into his bubble where creativity flows freely and dedication to create the perfect...

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  • Lente


      In October, during a few great late summer days, Does created this fresh new cement-based mural at Carbon6 – an office building in the south of the Netherlands that has become...

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  • Bonito Mexico!

    Bonito Mexico!

    Beginning of June 2017 Does visited Mexico to paint a 15 x 8 meter wall in the old historical centre of Mexico City.    The mural was part of the first Cromatica festival, hosting...

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  • Echoes


    Commissioned canvas in progress for a client in Mexico. Images of the final canvas will follow soon.   Title: Echoes Size: 50 x 60 cm Year: 2017 Medium: Acrylics on...

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  • Brick In The Wall

    Brick In The Wall

    Earlier this month, April 2017, DOES flew out to Brisbane Australia for a week, to create a painting inside the new Ironlak Art & Design store on the north side...

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  • Concave


    Following our first blog of 2017, showing images and footage of laser engraving technology applied to a skate deck, we received several requests for a customized Does skate deck. Hence, Does is currently...

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  • Zinc


    In January 2017 Zinc opened its doors to the public. The images below give you an idea of the end result.   Read the full story here.   Photos by Wouter Kooken

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  • Brick by Brick

    Brick by Brick

    For the opening of Zinc in Roermond, south of the Netherlands, DOES was asked to create a center piece on an indoor brick wall. After getting a sense of the general vibe...

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  • 2017 Kick off!

    2017 Kick off!

    We kick off the year 2017 with new technology. Last week Does visited Sober Collective Laserlab in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to add a laser engraved Does design on a hand painted...

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