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  • Interview Urban Arts Magazine

    Interview Urban Arts Magazine

    While you had a career as a soccer player, where does your passion for graffiti come from? My interest in graffiti developed in my early teens. I have always been...

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  • Interview


    I recently had a nice chat with Simon Grainville from Urban Art Paris.  Read the article (FRENCH VERSION) via their website HERE   1/ The inaugural exhibition Aesthetics held at...

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  • Article: Broken Lines

    Article: Broken Lines

    DOES recently sat down with Maxime Delcourt from Graffiti Art Magazine for their issue 44.    Former professional football player turned into a graffiti artist and sculptor, Dutch artist Does stands out for...

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  • VICE MAGAZINE: Interview

    VICE MAGAZINE: Interview

    DOES recently sat down with Dave Aalbers from VICE for an exclusive interview.   “For me, DOES is like a fairy tale, a second person in my life.”   In the...

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  • Interview Autopsiart

    Interview Autopsiart

    Check out this interview with Does on Autopsiart or see the Q&A’s below.    What can you tell us about the letters D, O, E and S? These letters are the foundation for all...

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  • Interview with Does

    Interview with Does

    We recently spoke to Wesley Edwards from Bombingscience in Canada for an interview. Here is a link to the interview as published by Bombingscience or see the introduction and Q&A’s below.    “Digital Does is one of...

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  • Kicks To The Pitch

    Kicks To The Pitch

    In 2015 Does was interviewed by Kicks To The Pitch (KTTP), a hybrid creative force dedicated to the cultivation of all things soccer cool. The people at KTTP are football enthusiasts with their feet...

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'Somewhere in Europe'

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