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Kicks To The Pitch
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Kicks To The Pitch

In 2015 Does was interviewed by Kicks To The Pitch (KTTP), a hybrid creative force dedicated to the cultivation of all things soccer cool. The people at KTTP are football enthusiasts with their feet firmly planted in the streets. They are sneakerheads, hip hop purists, streetwear aficionados and street art advocates. Via their online publication and media presence they aim to shine the light on anything stylish, fresh and groundbreaking touching the beautiful game. Their live events focus on the fusion of the global game of football with urban and youth culture. KTTP’s mission is to bring the beautiful game to every head on every street corner in the world.

Here is a link to the interview as published by KTTP or see the Q&A's below.

How did you get into football? Do you remember how old you were when you first started playing? Do you remember what drew you to the game?

Soccer was a big part of my family's life when I was growing up. This is related to the fact that my father was a professional soccer player and when it turned out I had talent he supported me in every way he could. Like me, he was forced to give up his career too early because of a severe knee injury. He always remained active in the soccer industry, starting as a youth coordinator, then as a technical manager and now as a scout.

What avenues has art led you down?

Through art I’ve had many opportunities to travel and visit intriguing places - places you wouldn’t get to visit or experience if you were traveling as a tourist. For example painting in the favela’s in Rio and the slums of Bogota.

If you could only be remembered for one, art or football, which would you prefer?

That’s a difficult question as I am very passionate about both worlds. If I have to pick one now I would go for art, because that is the world I currently focus on.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I couldn’t name one accomplishment in particular, but I can say that I’m most proud of my perseverance.

What or who influences your art? What inspires you to do what you do?

In general I am driven by energy and the concept of ‘getting things done’. This was the same during my soccer career.

Has your involvement in your worlds of art or football led to any unique experiences?

Definitely. An unique experience during my time as a soccer player was the time I played at the Wembley stadium in the UK with the U18 National Team.


Looking back I believe the soccer industry can appear to be quite glamorous, but this passes quickly when you are not performing as expected. When you are being bashed in the press or when the team is not delivering, the glamour fades very fast.

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