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DOES @ 23700 Urban Art, Spain
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DOES @ 23700 Urban Art, Spain

DOES @ 23700 Urban Art, Spain

From 23 - 29th of October I will be painting a mural in the south of Spain.
23700 Urban Art positions itself as the first Annual Urban Art project in Andalusia. A week to gather high culture and bring it closer to a curious audience eager to live new experiences in a playful and accessible way, where nationally and internationally renowned artists will participate.

A special aspect of the festival is the concept of space transformation. During the festival, creative processes take place in the middle of the street, simultaneously in designated areas for creation in progress, giving rise to improvisation and the development of creativity. It is a participatory gathering where the spectator is also a protagonist.

Moreover, 23700 Urban Art has a characteristic that makes it unique. The event is conceived as a revitalizing project of the local heritage, creating a map that connects the murals with the city’s commercial and tourist framework, showcasing the cultural richness of Linares.

23700 Urban Art takes place in the streets of the neighborhoods of Linares, which act as protagonists, as each edition will become the guiding thread on which artists will reflect and work, resulting in a perfect chronicle of history.

Participating artists: Smug, DOES, Julieta XLF, Dan Ferrer, Belin, Wah, Maria Die
Address DOES mural: 3 Pl. Mineros Linares, Andalucía Spain.

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