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On the road again
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On the road again

At home DOES intends to create the perfect working conditions; in his homebased studio he easily gets into his bubble where creativity flows freely and dedication to create the perfect legacy is never-ending. Still, street art originates from the streets and – graffiti being his first love – that is where DOES returns every now and then.

Leaving base never gets easy. In doing so he drags himself out of his flow and punctures the bubble he’s in when working on the latest studio project. Also, his heart aches as he says goodbye to his kids for sometimes weeks on end. And yet, as he craves to play with his kids, the craft plays with hím instead. DOES is lured by what’s out there, outside of his comfort, where he is challenged as a person and evolves as an artist. The foresight of perfecting his art and being on top of his game, draws him like an addiction. And thus, DOES packs. He packs his bag, sketches, spray cans, new shoes and hoody and takes off …

Destination Buffalolake in Greensboro, USA, where DOES is invited to paint a restaurant wall. With a light overcast, a friendly breeze blowing through the grass and water quietly rippling behind him, it did not take him long to find his focus and slip back into the flow. Inspired by the atmosphere of this topnotch lakeside location, DOES drowns himself in blues and greens. The mural becomes one with the surrounding shores both in color and in energy. In the bottom part he uses the color green and displays energetic squares which gradually fade into bigger, more spacious and fluid space with natural drips in blueish colors to symbolize water.

After his high, DOES is ready to hit the studio again where he left unfinished business....

Thanks to Marty Kotis for the invite and making this possible! Thanks to Timothy for assisting big time!

Text: ByFrieda

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City Greensboro (US)
Country United States