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New Docu: Magic water
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New Docu: Magic water

After the succesful docu 'Transition', which was awarded with the 'Vimeo Staff Pick' label, we teamed up with I Love Graffti and Strictua again to shoot a new docu about Does's latest studio work. Besides giving you a real good impression of what goes down in what we like to call 'the Does laboratory', in this docu Does reveals new layers of what it is that drives him.

Does narrates: "The basis for my work is still the letterform. From that basis I can go in many directions. The forms that arise tend to be abstract, but to the trained eye the letterform can still be recognised.

I have always been inspired by a diversity of elements that, in the first instance, have drawn me to the world of graffiti; like raw walls, desolate buildings, moonlit train tracks, the anonymity and the suspense going with these elements.

What drives me is the desire to leave something behind. History should not be lost. This is almost at right angles with the transience of graffiti. After all, you never know if the mural you leave behind is still there the next day.

I have always looked for ways to combine the various elements that influence my work and to bring components from the outside world into my indoor studio work.

Incorporating elements from outside.

In this specific piece I have processed fragments from a wall bordering a spot I used to frequent as a boy. That wall is the origin of my passion.

Using elements of a wall that Does has been painting for over 20 years.

The sky is the limit. I don’t limit myself to spray can or marker only. By using a diversity of materials I have stimulated my development. The challenge of trying new things is that you don’t know where you are going. And at the same time I always want to excel in what I am doing, to be master of it down to the minutest details. Only then I can proceed to the next phase.

Adding the very first layers.

Working with epoxy yet again offers many new insights and potentialities. I can join different materials with each other and I can process fragments of old walls in a totally new work. Hence also a bit of history is perpetuated.

The cool thing is that thanks to the transparency you can see the depth and the layers of the work. Impossible with a mural, a canvas or an illustration.

I recently created a number of murals with a comparable composition. Murals in Mexico City, China, France and Germany for example, where everything takes place within a framework. These murals in combination with cement have been the inspiration for this new work. For me the element of cement is an important link to connect the outside world with the interior.

Molitor Paris website

Mural at Hotel Molitor in Paris, featuring layers of cement in combination with spray paint.

I always want to finish what I start. And it must be perfect. That is part of my character and has been cultivated during my soccer career. Although it can sometimes take a bizarre-like long time before the final product is in sight, I enjoy the constant quest for new colours, forms and materials. I totally and completely immerse in the process, that focus is my power.

Working with this new material differs enormously from creating a canvas or an illustration. Every step must be well considered because there is no way back in this process.

The final result.

I am now at the beginning of another new challenge and I am very curious where it will lead to this time."

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