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I Love Letters
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I Love Letters

In March 2011 Does presented his work during his first solo show at Lo-Fi Gallery in Sydney, Australia. As part of the exhibition, he painted the complete space black, he had work flown in from the Netherlands and he created several new works in his tiny 5 by 5 meter apartment in Paddington.

To promote the show Lo-Fi Gallery wrote: "Does is a letter magician who takes the everyday letter to a whole new dimension. Originally from the Netherlands, Does is recognized for his dazzling choice of colours, his eye for detail and his continuous search for the perfect form. Be bedazzled by a bright display of colors and shapes painted on canvas, paper and brick."

Does moved to Sydney after an injury ended his athletic pursuits at the age of 28. Coming from a small town in the Netherlands it was inspiring for Does to spend his days in a big city on the other side of the world. It was in Australia that he was able to completely free his mind and take some important steps in his development: besides murals he started to focus more on detailed illustrations and canvas work.

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Event type Solo Exhibition
Venue LoFi Gallery
City Darlinghurst (AU)
Country Australia