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Frontier: The line of style
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Frontier: The line of style

In June-July 2012 DOES was one of the artists selected to take part in Frontier - La linea dello stile. The other artists involved were Phase II, DAIM, DOES, Honet, M-City, Rusty, Dado, Joys, Etnik, Eron, Hitnes, Andreco.

Frontier is a project promoted by the City of Bologna, the University of Bologna and the Bologna Museum of Modern Art (MAMbo). The project, curated by Claudio Musso and Fabiola Naldi, is ideally and historically connected to the show “Arte di Frontiera. New York Graffiti”, organized in 1984 at the Modern Art Gallery of Bologna, which featured artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf. Through Frontier the city intends to enhance the disciplines of Writing and Street Art through a reflection of these two art forms, internationally recognized as some of the most interesting expressions in the contemporary art world.

Frontier aims to be an open and evolving platform based on two complementary phases. The first phase focuses on demonstrating the artistic value of Street Art and Writing by the creation of large-scale murals with a strong architectural and visual impact. The second phase is based on a theoretical and critical examination of the two disciplines.

The artists involved are protagonists and carefully selected for their innovative styles and fundamental contribution to the development of the two movements.

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Event type Festival
City Bologna (IT)
Country Italy