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Joined Hands
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Joined Hands

DOES is back from the USA where he hooked up with artists from Spain and Australia. It has been a while since DOES collaborated with other artists. Always willing to join hands, his focus in the past two years has been on developing his own style. However, without collaboration one’s growth is limited to one’s own perspective. And even though DOES’s perspective seems endless, what better occasion is there than to be reunited with two friends to jointly rise to new heights. At Redcinemas DOES met up with the Spanish Belin, whom he has known for twelve years and worked with on several occasions, and Ozzy Adnate with whom he worked while living Down Under. Together they created a piece of art that will catch you red-handed.

All they shared in advance were some sketches. Not knowing where something will lead to, sensing one another and bridging styles is what makes collaborating fun. And fun it was! While being a hundred percent focused and dedicated on the job, the evenings were spent between old friends wilding and catching up. The collaboration brought out the best in each artist; from realistic portraits to the figurative and abstract lines of DOES binding this unique piece together.

In an attempt to blow off steam, DOES and the boys blew up the house. As boys will be boys they fired away American style at a shooting farm. Startled by the sight of his name and art on a billboard, DOES set off for the voyage back home …

Thanks to Marty Kotis for inviting us and making this possible! Thanks to Jess and Timothy for assisting big time!

Text: ByFrieda

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