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Food & art, DOES’ necessities of life, is what went down in Brisbane, Australia, last week. After days of preparations DOES was ready to dine with his guests at Gerard’s Bistro. Carefully exposed on the wall of the casually set dinner room are his prints. The menu is set with great care and combines fine taste with colors inspired on DOES’ recent work in China. A big screen reveals that there will be more into this evening than just food. In between the sounds of cutlery and cheerful chatter of guests DOES and his sidekick Slamtheflap tell a little more about DOES’ projects over the last years. The atmosphere is superb! DOES has intensely looked forward to this evening. He would like to thank his guests for making the ‘Dinner with DOES’ memorable.

What else went down Down Under?

From DOES’ diary …


Arrival after a long, rectify that in a seemingly never-ending, trip half around the globe. Drop into to the restaurant Gerard’s Bistro for a quick get-together. Main challenge today: to stay awake!

#jetlags #hatethem


Dash into the warehouse of my sponsor Ironlak to grab some equipment for the painting event later this week. Preparations for ‘Dinner with DOES’ are in full swing.


Started the painting at James Street; feeling increasingly excited to paint live later tonight.


Get up, dress up, show up. Thrilled with excitement for ‘Dinner with DOES’. Bring it on!


The day after … On my way to the restaurant to clean up yesterday’s shit I feel a bit hung over. Not only because of the remains of fine wine in my veins but mostly because it’s over and done with. Luckily it doesn’t take long to turn the switch; looking forward to painting at James Street tonight!


Tourist one day taste of Australia. Hanging out with friends and taking a drive down the Gold Coast. While having dinner with the bunch of them memories of my time working and traveling in Australia come back to me.

#beach #surfin #sweetmemories


Sunday funday; spraying a wall with sponsor Ironlak!

Pictures of the painting event at James Street will follow.

Major Thanks to Will Ryan for bringing us back down under and being a perfect host.

Text: ByFrieda

Photos by Guppadie

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