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PUNCTILIOUS is the latest exhibition in the art’otel Gallery curated by Amsterdam Street Art. The name ‘Punctilious’ pronounced as "punk-til-ee-us," is derived from the Italian word "puntiglio," which means fine point. This exhibition explores the concept of ‘punctiliousness’, where no detail is too small, and no point is too fine. This is closely linked to the "illegal" graffiti movement of the eighties. The artists pioneering this movement pushed boundaries and took risks, while working within tight timeframes. They approached their craft with the utmost seriousness, striving for perfection, accuracy, and punctiliousness.
In this exhibition, we proudly present you the work of The London Police, Hugo Mulder DHM and DOES. Every dot is thought-through, every splatter is a visual expression placed on an exact spot and every stroke has an indescribable meaning of artistic value. From shows all over the world, to the heart of Amsterdam, these artists will showcase a combination of original painted artworks and high-quality museum prints in the art’otel Gallery, with works are available to buy at a wide range of prices.
Artist line up:
The London Police @thelondonpolice
Hugo Mulder DHM @hugomulder_dhm
DOES @digitaldoes
Opening 6 April from 6pm - 8pm
Exhibition open to the public 11AM – 11PM from Friday 7th April – Friday 21st July 2023 at the art’otel Gallery.
Entrance is complimentary
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Event type Group exhibition
Venue art’otel Gallery
City Amsterdam (NL)
Country Netherlands