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Quito, Equador
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Quito, Equador

After spending two weeks in a super luxurious hotel in Abu Dhabi, Does was scheduled to paint at an art festival in the rough parts of Quito. Together with Ironlak family member Mr. Wany he flew straight from the United Arab Emirates to Equador. Upon arrival at Quito airport they were picked up and driven straight to the festival, where they met up with heavy weight graffiti artist Cantwo and started their first wall in Quito's southern suburb 'Mena Dos'.

The original plan was to drive to the Ecadorian coast after finishing the first wall, but the weather was no good so the crew choose to stay in Quito and paint a few unofficial walls. While Does was expecting a situation similar to what he experienced in Bogota, Colombia - no laws, no boundaries, painting everywhere - he soon learned that the situation in Ecuador has become more controlled due to a graffiti and street art law that was installed a few years ago.

The second wall they painted was at the Contemporary Art Center of Quito, a beautiful and unique spot. In between the main murals there was time for some sightseeing, a visit to Meta del Mundo and a tour through the old city centre.

The last mural was situated in Valle de Los Chillos, a small town in a valley and a few kilometers from Quito. These last few days were most special with a big local crowd welcoming the writer team and watching their every move at the wall.

Many thanks to Blooky for the invitation and for showing us around the city.

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Event type Festival
City Quito (EC)
Country Ecuador