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River Tales
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River Tales

Here is a beauty we didn't get a chance to share with you yet: a mural Does did in October 2017 during the River Tales Urban Art Festival in Gießen, Germany.

Participating artists: C215, Tavar Zawacki, Etnik, Satone, Layer Cake, 3Steps, Christian Bohmer, Does.

The goal of the River Tales Urban Art Festival is to give back life to the rivers and the forgotten places all around them through art. The initiators and organizers of the festival, Kai H. Krieger, Uwe H. Krieger and Joachim Pitt, are passionate and care deeply about their initiative. They explain: Initially human settled close to rivers because they valued them as the veins of life, making the ground fertile and providing water for the thirsty. Yet over generations we have lost our connection to the rivers, obstructed them with steel and concrete and polluted their waters. It is time to change that. The festival for contemporary mural art has already taken place twice in 2012 and 2014 in the region around Gießen and Wetzlar as a small underground event with artists like Dome, Macs & Etnik and Loomit. As a small creek flows into the sea the River Tales festival will grow over the years out of a small river region into the world and revive ever new cities and rivers. In 2014 the River Tales art festival and we as initiators were awarded by the German Government.

In 2017 the festival took place in hotspots throughout the university town of Gießen at the Lahn river and was supported by Gießen’s first art and culture fair “Gienale“. Gießen has a long street art tradition in Europe going back to the early 90s. The festival receives international attention as it is unique to the region and sensitizes people to the wellsprings of life by rivers and creeks.

Take care of your rivers – take care of the springs of live.

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Event type Festival
City Gießen (DE)
Country Germany