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As an artist I want to express myself as purely as possible without setting boundaries. This is reflected in my work by a continuous evolution in the use of different media. I recently added a new dimension to translate and present my work to the viewer: through the use of fabric. As a matter of fact, early September I was present at the Amsterdam Fashion Week to show that fashion and art go very well together.

Fashion designer Ronald van der Kemp invited me to make a live painting at his label’s 'Wake up World' exhibition during the acclaimed Amsterdam Fashion Week. Ronald van der Kemp is a pioneer in sustainable Haute Couture working with high-end existing materials and leftovers in his mission to show the world that ethical fashion can be glamorous and exciting. Inquisitive by nature, I was immediately excited to break new ground with this collaboration.

During the show I painted a piece of felt that Ronald will use to make a unique couture piece for the leading Paris Couture Week in January 2022. It was a great challenge to work with felt because the paint soaks into the fabric. I have used this characteristic to my advantage by applying several layers in some areas and letting the paint soak in in others, resulting in a 3D-effect. Working with this medium required different techniques and a new approach that further inspired me.

I am super excited about this latest collaboration and can´t wait to get a first glimpse of the one-of-a-kind RVDKxDOES!

With thanks to Amsterdam Fashion week, Earth Today, Idid and Ronald van der Kemp.

Photography by Stephan Polman

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