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Urban Block Miami, USA
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Urban Block Miami, USA

I recently embarked on a creative journey that took me to the vibrant streets of Fort Lauderdale in Miami, USA. What led me there? An exclusive invitation to the 'Urban Block Collection' artist residency. Trust me; it's a tale worth telling!

Embracing the Innovation Hub: Fort Lauderdale's Art District

Nestled in the heart of South Florida, Fort Lauderdale is not just a beach haven but an emerging mecca for innovative art. The energy flowing through the streets of this up-and-coming art district carries a subtle charge. From avant-garde galleries to funky street art, Fort Lauderdale is a canvas waiting to be transformed.

Urban Block Collection: Where Walls Move and Art Speaks

The heart of my journey lies in the groundbreaking 'Urban Block Collection.' Imagine a collaborative art collection on moveable walls and blocks, designed to redefine the conventional boundaries of artistic expression. These walls don't just appear; they are born in the lab, waiting to get painted.

Breaking Free from Winter Blues: A Creative Oasis

Why did I say yes to this adventure? Well, apart from the obvious allure of escaping the winter chill in Europe, it was the promise of good vibes, incredible people, and a truly exciting project. Miami welcomed me with open arms, and the sunshine-infused energy became the perfect backdrop for a journey into the realms of creativity.

A Stellar Lineup of Artists

I'm beyond stoked to be collaborating with a stellar lineup of artists, each a maestro in their own right. From the vibrant strokes of Rafael Sliks to the urban poetry of Hopare, the 'Urban Block Collection' is a melting pot of diverse talents. Joachim Romain, Romain Froquet, Astro, Laurence Panadero, and myself complete the team, each contributing a unique perspective to this artistic odyssey.

Save the Date: Spring 2024 Grand Unveiling!

Hold onto your seats: the grand unveiling of the 'Urban Block Collection' is set to dazzle the public in Spring 2024. Mark your calendars because this is not just an art exhibition; it's a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and the boundless spirit of Fort Lauderdale.

As the Miami sun kissed my palette, and the city's rhythm infused my creations, I couldn't be more grateful for this artistic journey. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes glimpses, sneak peeks, and the unfolding of a Miami masterpiece in the making.

Thanks to Jonathan, Abraham, Laurence, Etienne and Joachim for making this happen. Cheers to art, sunshine, and the magic of Fort Lauderdale!



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Event type Group Project
Venue Urban Block
City Fort Lauderdale
Country United States