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  • BOOK RELEASE – Qui Facit Creat II

    BOOK RELEASE – Qui Facit Creat II

    Coincidence does not exist, is often said. DOES fully agrees with this. As an artist, he often makes intuitive choices that cannot always be explained rationally. So why did he...

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  • Behind the book ‘First 20 Years’

    Behind the book ‘First 20 Years’

      A few days ago we re-released the book ‘First 20 Years’. This one of a kind exclusive book is based on DOES’s original 10 blackbooks. It starts way back...

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  • Le Petit Voyeur

    Le Petit Voyeur

    This month Does was featured in the 6th issue of Le Petit Voyeur, a Danish magazine ranging widely from nude photography to urban and abstract art. Le Petit Voyeur is an independent publisher...

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  • Blown Away

    Blown Away

    We are blown away by the enormous amount of positive response to the new book. Thanks a million!   Due to the high volume of orders, we are experiencing slight...

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  • Behind The Scenes – Part 1

    Behind The Scenes – Part 1

      In celebration of Does’s first 20 years we’d like to share a few images with you to give a feel of what has been happening behind the scenes leading up to this new book release. ...

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  • Docu – Rhythm Of Sketching

    Docu – Rhythm Of Sketching

    To celebrate a 20 year evolution of dedication and style, DOES has just released a new book. And to top of this celebration, we’re now releasing a short docu about...

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  • First 20 Years – Time to celebrate

    First 20 Years – Time to celebrate

    We’re celebrating Does’s first 20 years with an exclusive new book that takes you on a journey showing his evolution of dedication to style. This book is based on Does’s original blackbooks...

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  • First 20 Years – Hyped up yet?

    First 20 Years – Hyped up yet?

    Hyped up yet? We sure are!   We’re still teasing to increase the suspense…. Our next post will reveal what’s long been cooking!   Let us know what you think...

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  • First 20 Years

    First 20 Years

    Did we tease your curiosity with our last post?  Here’s a little more of what’s coming.

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  • Qui Facit, Creat

    Qui Facit, Creat

    Did you ever hear of the saying “you’re only a real guy once you’ve planted a tree, had a son and written a book”? We are not sure about whether or...

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  • Bizarre Beyond Belief

    Bizarre Beyond Belief

    Bizarre Beyond Belief (BBB) is a multi-faceted company based in Toronto, Canada dedicated to the brilliant, beautiful and bizarre. The company focuses on bringing creativity to the general public by running...

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