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Colorful possibilities

Although art is a form of expression that cannot be coerced or constrained, DOES is committed to working closely with you to grasp your vision, listen to your ideas, and incorporate any specific elements or themes.


DOES is open to specific requests for personalized artworks. Get in touch for the possibilities for a commissioned artwork.


Creating large scaled murals is DOES his core passion and expertise. Work together with DOES to find a colorful solution for your wall.


Whether talking about a 600m2 warehouse or a 75m2 canal house, DOES will transform your interior into a unique space matching the atmosphere of the surroundings.


DOES offers high end artworks and exclusive design, recognizable and unique in every aspect without compromising authenticity


I have been watching and admiring the focus of DOES’ entire approach over the last few years. He has covered so much ground in expanding and elevating graffiti across many mediums including sculptural relief, paper collage, digital animation and fine art work.

This is what happens when you go all in and create an entire business and creative philosophy built upon the foundation you have laboured over for years. He has pushed the treatment of his pieces very far and then built off of the core letters to create the surrounding elements. They are sculptural and have loads of flow. DOES is an artist truly worth paying attention to.

Artist (Auckland, NZ)