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Baton Rouge
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Baton Rouge

In November 2014 Does joined Belin, Smug, Sofles, Macs, Bonzai and Odeith in Baton Rouge for a mural project organized by Kevin Harris, Director of The Museum of Public Art.

The Museum of Public Art is a non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of community inspired murals in the Old South Baton Rouge region. The organization believes that Public Art is a force for positive community development in ways conscious and unconscious. How the message is conveyed through imagery, text and symbolism effects the soul of the community, instilling a sense of hope and history through creative expression.

The goal of the Museum of Public Art is to revitalize the image of the Old South of Baton Rouge by producing art that celebrates the history and spirit of the community. Additionally, the aim is to produce public art for engagement, inspiration and community development - a much needed boost given the statistics that indicate over 47 percent of the property in the community is derelict and 22 percent of the young men in the community are unemployed.

Photos by Selina Miles.

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Event type Festival
City Baton Rouge (US)
Country United States