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DOES was born in 1982 in Veghel, The Netherlands. Though he has been active in graffiti since 1997, soccer was his first love. At the age of 9 he was chosen to train with the youth selection of one of the country’s professional soccer clubs. His talent, disciplined nature and dedication eventually won him a spot on a team in the highest division. Throughout his soccer career he lead a double life; balancing the public persona of a professional athlete with the secret life of an underground graffiti writer. When an injury ended his athletic pursuits at the age of 28, DOES took it as an opportunity to focus solely on his art. He quickly carved out a reputation as one of the best practitioners of the craft, and today his work is featured in exhibitions and collections across the globe.

This short docu was directed by DOES & Strictua. Shortly after the release it was added to Vimeo Staff Picks and featured on the Vimeo Staff Picks Channel.

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